Green Dog Walkers starting to be adopted by councils throughout the UK

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After a successful trial in Falkirk in 2008, Green Dog Walkers are beginning to get councils throughout the UK to get on board and trial this in their area.

So what is it?
Green Dog Walkers encourage councils to get support from dog walkers to give a more positive 'poop patrol'.
Rather than having council wardens patrolling with a bag full of tickets ready to pounce, Green Dog Walkers volunteers wear arm bands so that everyone can identify them and, here is the best part, they are approachable and give advice, hand out leaflets and always carry spare poop bags for anyone that needs one. 
The volunteers are also able to communicate with the council to discuss fouling hotspots and any 'poop bag trees' that are growing in the area.

How to be a volunteer?
To volunteer you need to check your council has adopted or is trialling Green Dog Walkers.
Contact your local council for more details.
I have added the links for councils that have Green Dog Walkers in their area. Please let me know if your council needs to be added to the list.

Further thoughts:
As councils and dogs have always been a 'them and us' sort of situation this is a great sign that councils are trying to give a positive resolution to a very long standing problem.
Also it means that councils are going to be actually listening to volunteers who are our humans that take us out every day and can do their bit to help.

It is great for me to report on a pawsitive council rule involving dogs.

More information: 

Councils that are trialling or have signed up to Green Dog Walkers:
Bradford City Council -  
Durham Council - 
Falkirk Council -  
Northumberland Council -