Charity Opens new store
in Northumberland

Safe Homes and Kindness, SHAK, has opened a store in Blyth, Northumberland.

SHAK isn’t like any other dog charity, they are different
because they help the dogs that really need it the most.

They are not a re-homing
centre like most animal
charities , instead they offer sanctuary to abused,
mistreated and neglected dogs that have suffered so badly at the hands of humans that they need somewhere to start their lives all over again.

SHAK are a non public facing charity, meaning we are not open to the public to visit the kennels, nor do they take dogs from members of the public.

All dogs are either strays or destruction cases from vets or pounds.

SHAK do not actively seek homes for the dogs. After spending time in their care, some of the dogs move onto other more breed specific
specialised Charities or are fostered through their own Forever Foster scheme.

However, some are so badly damaged that the only option they have is to stay with SHAK for the rest of their lives where they will be given love, care, playtimes and sometimes life long medication for any health issues or injuries they arrive with.

This is why the opening of their store is so important.
It is not only a way to raise much needed funds for the dogs, but it also serves as an important information hub which raises public knowledge of the charity and what it does.

There is also a drop off box in the store.
Here visitors can drop off items for the dogs.

Items that can be dropped off are:
-Tinned dog food
- Dried dog food
- Dog treats
- Dog toys
- Blankets
- Towels

If you think you may have anything the charity could make use of then email them to discuss it with them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The store is open Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm
(subject to volunteer cover)

12 Bowes Street, Blyth,
Northumberland, NE24 1EB

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