A Business gives back to the community

Have you ever been caught short while out for a walk with your human and realised they have forgotten to pick up the poo bags as you strolled out the door?
Then watching as your human frantically searches their pockets for a piece of tissue or sweet wrapper to collect the gift you have left for them on the pavement?

We have all been there haven’t we, waiting while humans are rummaging through a litter bin, looking for a bag of sorts?

Well if you’re out for a walk with your human through the village of Ryhill and you realise they’ve forgotten the necessaries, fear not.
Just pass by Treats2sit4 on Chapel Street  day, night, evenings or weekends and help yourself to a poo bag.

The dispenser is located on the wall outside shop. There is no charge or fee and the added bonus is that they are bio-degradable and your human  won’t be caught out again.
Well done to Treats2sit4 for giving back to the community.