Palm Oil

There have been several reports of palm oil washing up around a lot of UK beaches .

It is an oil extracted from plants which is a well used ingredient in food, beauty & hygiene and bio fuel  industry.

The waste product is dumped at sea. Where it travels the tides where it comes into contact with whatever pollutants are nearby and bacteria.
This creates a very toxic mass.

Then eventually it naturally washes up on beaches.

Now depending on what contamination it has come across during it’s travels, will depend on what it actually looks like on the beach.
can appear on beaches as a white, yellow or grey jelly type mass or solid lumps, sometimes mistaken for washed up polystyrene, or even like chalk like lumps.

The main thing to remember is that the oil still smells nice like it’s original state and you may be tempted to lick or eat it.

However you must warn your humans that palm oil washed up on beaches is very toxic and dogs that have licked or eaten it are very ill or have died

Stay safe out the fur pals.