As part of Saviours Haven Sanctuary fundraising they do animal shows called Animalgique and I was invited along to see a show.  

I was not sure what to expect but it was a very entertaining and educational show.
It not only lets humans see animals they would not normally get to see, but it contained educational information as to why they should not be kept as pets.

I asked the animals that were in the show how they felt about being in the show.

  Harpo: I am the star! The show would be nothing without my star appearance.

  Flower and Timone the meerkats: we love cuddles with our humans  on stage but  we clearly  show the audience  our contempt for them with our super terrifying meerkat stare.

  Sonny the common corn snake: Ssssssuper , I love it.

  Diamond the barn owl: I love showing off my beautiful feathers.

  Freddie the chocolate striped skunk: I love going to the shows as I love getting cuddles and kisses.

  Zante: As the real star of the show I love the attention.
As each of  us are not on stage for very long we find it  not stressful at all. 
Also when our humans get us out of our travel  accommodation, if any of us don’t feel up to stardom during a show we are put straight back into our accommodation. 

That is what we love about our humans, they put us and our needs first.

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