Overdoing The Festive Celebrations
As the festive season approaches  there is a lot of excitement in the air.

This is a time a lot of normally vigilant humans tend to forget or perhaps due to a bit of aged grape or grain juice, simply do not think like their usual rational selves.

Although it is easy to get caught up in their distracted state and eat or drink everything you can get your paw/claw into, it does not make a happy  human when they are cleaning up ‘carpet pizza’ (or worse!) from the carpets, floors, beds and walls (!!?! ).
In really bad cases it may even involve a trip to the V.E.T.

So please remember what is and what is not safe for you to eat , drink,  nibble or chew on.

A tree will be placed indoors with lights and attractive thingymabobs place on it.
This is not a new convenient indoor weemail access point, nor is it a new toy to chew, pull, play or climb on.

Your humans may also put brightly coloured boxes and packages under the tree. You must not sniff, touch or chew these or your humans may start the jumpy up and down dance.

Food may suddenly start appearing in abundance both in the kitchen and during meals.
A particular favourite of the humans is a gigantic bird.

Which once they bring it home they realise there are very few hiding places away from our inquisitive taste buds.

There may be extra visitors. Either just humans or animals  that bring their humans.
Either of which can be great or very annoying and loud. As we all know we don’t always want constant fussing and hugs from humans and animals we may or may not have met before. Make sure your humans have a quiet area for you to retreat to.

A lot  of these new items will have things that are harmful to us.

Such as:
Plants  - pine tree, lilies, holly, mistletoe,

Objects - tinsel, glitter, tree lights, ornaments, ribbons, wrapping paper, corks, candles.
Food - chocolate,  raisins, grapes, sultanas, onions,  nuts - especially macadamia nuts,  sweets,  bones,  food scraps, mince pies, Christmas pudding, fruit cake,

Even allowed food should be rationed in a very sensible way. If there are a load of food scraps that are allowed, tell your humans to portion it up and freeze some for you if possible.

Drinks - Any non animal alcohol, fizzy drinks, drinks with artificial sweeteners, 

Humans toys and gifts - apart from chewing new not allowed things they could be harmful, poisonous or even choke us.

There will be more that I forgot to mention but stay vigilant.

Stay safe during the festive season pals and remind your human of the dangers.