October means Halloween, which is usually the start of fireworks.

Although there is always a lot of  reminders about dogs and Halloween all animals need to be remembered and looked after during fireworks.
Humans may forget about cats, horses in fields, rabbits  in hutches and even fish in ponds.
Any and all animals may get stressed to the point of harming themselves if scared by the flashes and bangs of fireworks.
Fish are a very much forgotten victim of fireworks. The vibrations of the bangs, the sudden flashes or even a spent firework landing in their water and poisoning them.
Whatever animal type you are please remind your humans to take extra care of you and check you are safe.

If you are indoors, get your humans to shut the curtains and turn the television or radio up to try to reduce the noise outside.
You can get your humans to make you a nest somewhere you feel safe. Either in your crate (if you use one), in a corner of a room or in the not allowed bed.
Try a tight fitting jumper to mimic being hugged will calm you down.

If you are outside get your humans to put your in your stable, cover your hutch with extra protection or check your pond for fireworks.
Get them to check on you at regular intervals, so if nothing else you can see they are near by.
Make sure your microchip is up to date and if you are a cat or dog that normally live in the house without a collar on, get your human to put your collar on.
As a moment of panic in a normally secured garden can cause us to leap tall fences or even crash through them.

If after everything you still are too stressed out because of fireworks get your human to speak to your vet as you may need medical help to remain calm.

Above everything else ...
stay safe out there furpals.