As the cold weather starts...

As the cold weather starts to make an appearance and your humans begin to bring out the thicker blankets tell them not to throw out old blankets , bedding and towels.
Instead of throwing them out tell them to donate them to local shelters and rescues for all the animals, all animals, not just dogs.

Rescues and shelters are always in need of bedding.
Shelters may also take other things your humans may not be aware of such as unused animal food and used toys. Not shredded ones but ones that may no longer squeak or may be looking a bit faded but still safe to play with.
Some shelters and rescues rely on funding by running bric a brac stall and tombolas, so any unused household goods may be useful.

Before landing at the door of the rescues and shelters with paws full of items, contact them to make sure they are in need of the items you have put to one side.
Your human may have nearly thrown these items out, but a lot of shelters will be grateful to receive them.

Also bear in mind it is not just in winter that shelters need these items.