Games to play with your humans
The Staring Game:

Wait until your human is  sitting down trying to watch their favourite television program.
Stand in front of them and put your front paws on the edge of their seat. Bonus points if you manage to put your paws on their legs.
Stare at them blankly. If they move their head to look around you move your head in the same direction, so that you are always staring straight into their eyes.

Now they may gently push you down off the seat at this point but you must stand back up again.

Keep repeating this until you get your human to react in a positive way for you.
By either giving you a treat or playing with you.
See how many score points you can get in a day/week and share your score with your furpals.

Human does the jumpy up and down dance - 10 points
Get a treat - 50 points
Human plays with you - 100 points