Games to play with your humans
Open the Door:

Wait until your human is preoccupied with something else, like working or watching their favourite television program.
Ask to be let out. At this point I will mention you get double points if you live in an upstairs flat or don’t have a garden that you can be let out off lead.
Once outside wait until you know your human has sat back down, then calmly walk back indoors and lie down or casually play with a toy.
Your human will then get up to shut the door.

Once they have sat down again you need to rush to the door with an appearance of urgency. Your human will rush to open the door again.
Keep repeating this until you get your human to react in a positive way for you.
By either giving you a treat or playing with you.
See how many score points you can get in a day/week and share your score with your furpals.

Human does the jumpy up and down dance -
10 points
Get a treat -
50 points
Human plays with you - 100 points
Double points—living in an upstairs flat or a house with no garden