Games to play with your humans
King/Queen of the Sofa:

The aim of the game is to get overall control of the sofa.

If the sofa is empty jump up and lie in the middle and stretch out in both directions to claim the sofa.

Even if your human is already  sitting on the sofa, try and wedge yourself between the arm or the back of the sofa and your human. Just start with your nose, then squirm about until you get your whole body into position.  Then once in position stretch your legs out to move your human.

As a last resort if your human is not budging and you cannot wedge yourself in, go to the back door and ask to be let out...make a big issue of it so that your humans react quicker.
As soon as your human gets up to open the back door, run back and jump on the sofa and stretch out.

Human does the jumpy up and down dance -
10 points
Get a treat -
25 points
Human sits in the small gap you left—50 points
Human gives you a treat without having to move off the sofa - 100 points
Double points—Human ends up having to sit on the floor