Jay's Blog
The Thin Blue Paw
March 2019

Hello all,

Once again I have been a busy puppy since my last canine
column. I am now six months old and healthily gaining weight, I am also very strong!

I am developing well.
My training and tracking are on track – excuse the pun – I am now doing longer tracks.

I have been taught a ‘fast recall’; the Devon & Cornwall police canine development officer said this is a very important command.
He explained that when a Police Dog is hot on the trail of an offender you must be able to break the dog’s concentration as it may be heading towards a busy road, I know of one dog that has been killed in these circumstances.

To that end Stew and I practice this, Stew says I am very good on a ‘fast recall’ – as there is always a treat in it!

My socialisation is ongoing, Stew and I visit a large superstore, walk through crowds in a busy high street, I walked through a busy train recently (the gap between the train and the platform didn’t bother me) and Stew’s favourite, going to the pub! He says he only goes because of me – yeah right Stew!

Stew and Alison took me to the seaside – it was fantastic! I loved being in the sea and trying to apprehend seagulls. It’s one of my favourite things to do, that and swimming in the river.

As part of our socialisation the canine development officer took our puppy group on a farm visit.
It was really good fun – some of the pups got a bit excited – but I stayed very calm. When we went to visit the chickens the canine
development officer broke us down into groups, he pointed to me and Stew and said,’ I’ll take the sensible one first!’. Alison was delighted.
When Stew walks me we often see livestock, so it is not a new experience for me.
I particularly like cattle, perhaps it’s the end result I am more interested in! Stew got momentarily distracted – and yes I was in the cow pen with my new friends!

The canine development officer said in his blog; ‘Jay has all the characteristics that I look for in a potential Police Dog, he is very bold and just takes everything in his stride.’ Stew is very pleased.

Stew said he has to remind himself of something he was told at the outset of my training; ‘These dogs are not a normal family pet – they are very strong willed. That’s one of the attributes the police look for’. My antecedents are good; I have a 30 year line of Police Dogs bred into me. Stew laughs when I tell him off when he is telling me off!

I am a very friendly pup and love everyone – I try to follow strange women home, Stew says it reminds him of his younger days!

When I go on training days I meet up with all the other pups on the programme – and of course I meet up with my brother ‘Arnie’.
As always it’s straight out of the car and straight into a wrestling match!

Arnie’s puppy walker told Stew he only does this with me, Stew said I am the same – it’s all done in brotherly love!I must close now as I have to go for a walk with Stew and get to my favourite vantage point and watch the world go by!

Until next time bye for now,