Glossy leaflet warning.
There have been a few reports of dogs having their jaws glued shut due to a chemical reaction after they have chewed glossy leaflets.

This is not only very distressing for both us and our humans, but it can be life threatening if the we are alone when we chew the leaflet. Not to mention the sudden trip to the vet.
It has been suggested other animals could be affected, so please tell your humans.
The recommended solution is to keep us away from the letterbox, but that is not always possible.
So here are few suggestions to helpl your humans to avoid the situation:

1. Put a 'no junk mail' notice up. Doesn't always stop them, but it should reduce them.

2. If there is a door that you can close to stop us getting near the letterbox then make sure it is closed. Perhaps turning the handles upside down if we can open doors.

3. If you have space behind the door, install a mail basket.

4. Make sure any glossy leaflets you need to keep are safely stored in dog proof boxes, drawers or cupboards.

Stay safe out there furpals.



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