Baited food warning
This is directed to all furpals out there, not only dogs but cats too.

There has been an alarming increase of food and treats being left out, usually on popular dog walking routes.
What is wrong with that? you may not think a lot of it, but the food and treats are either covered in poisonous chemicals or have sharp objects that will injure or even kill us.

So tell your humans to be careful outside.

If you come across any of this food please get your humans to take pictures, make a note of where it is and contact the police on their non urgent phone number.
Take photographs if possible and pick up carefully and bin or pick up and save for the police.
Don't forget to post all over social media any places you found any food so that we can all watch out.
The humans doing this may think we are only animals, but they are committing a crime !!
So spread the word, even to humans you know that go for walks but don't have a furpal.

Stay safe out there furpals.




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