Tigger's study of Humans
Time Management

Now humans always say they are good at time management, never late and always plan ahead.
That has got to be the biggest lie they tell everyone, apart from when they pretend to throw the ball and make us look for it for ages.
For example a normal meet up with my pals is usually organised at least a few days in advance. We know the time and place to meet and what we need to take.
On the day of the meet up, it starts with my human milling around because they have probably forgotten what day of the week it is.
Then they suddenly remember.

Now I can see we are getting near to the time we should be getting ready and jumping in the car but my human is still running around the house getting ready.
Once ready they realise I am not ready yet so I am hurriedly dressed and we rush out to the car.

We somehow manage to arrive on time.

So with this in mind, after this month’s research I have concluded:
Humans do not understand time management, they tend to work on varying levels of chaos. 

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