Tigger's first 4T event
14th October 2017

Teaming up with Soft Service Consultancy we organised a sponsored walk around, up and over Northumberlandia to raise money for Children in Need and my first 4T event where I was collecting Tins (food), Treats, Toys or Towels (bedding) for Safe Homes And Kindness, the charity that helped me find my forever home.

On the day of the sponsored walk it was a bit damp but not enough to dampen the spirits of those that attended. We met in the car park and started the walk.

Walking half way around we kept to a steady group, although there was a rumour we had misplaced a couple of humans somewhere at the start line.

As we walked up the steep paths of Northumberlandia the group managed to spread out a lot. We all completed the walk and celebrated by heading to the cafe on site for refreshments.

The cafe is very dog friendly so we all sat inside top get a break from the damp conditions, although it must be said as soon as we sat down the sun broke through the clouds and it dried up considerably.

The humans had hot drinks little while us hounds had treats handed out by several of the humans.

Both the humans and the hounds enjoyed the walk and said it had been a great event with talks of hoping this was not the only event.
We had our own official photographer so there were plenty of great photographs of the day.

Thank you so much to everyone that donated

I would like to thank everyone for making it such a great day:
Soft Service Consultancy, Strawberry, Daragh & Coco, Dusty, Kai Whippet and gang and of course all of our human friends and family.

Also a big thank you to
Northumberlandia who allowed us to hold our event there.

Currently £155 has been raised for Children in Need so far. 
For SHAK we collected:
1 box pedigree milky biscuits
1 box pedigree markies
1 box bonio
1 box earls dental sticks
2 bags of mixed biscuits
2 packs prdigree dental sticks
1 bag weebox liver sizzlers
3 bags pooch's treats
15k bag of skinners field & Trial 2k bag of Harringtons
2.5k bag of wafcol
6 pack tin Butchers
12 pack tin winalot
1 harness , 1 fleece throw ,
1 tuggy pull, 1 squeaky biscuit
1 6 pack tennis balls , 1 3 pack rubber balls , 1 puzzle ball ,
1 frizbee, 1 green slowdown feeding thing,
3 black bags of bedding,
1 cat carrier,
6 pack tin tiger cat food,
12 pouches of whiskas cat food and a cat bed.