News from Doris
- The Roving Reporter
- May 2018

Hi Readers,
I am having a rest from roving for a few weeks and I'm back in my beloved Brighton.
It's a super place for a hound to live and there are a lot of us here.
Since returning I have noticed an increase in whippets ... they're running amok all over the seafront!
Noses in bins, being chased by humans and trashing picnics. Whippets are brilliant fun. Border terriers used to be the local's choice before I left but I suppose times change Tigger.

Not much else has changed in a year.
I remembered my gate, my apple tree (for ablutions) and my treat cupboard.

Elaine also laughed because I thought I remembered every dog on the promenade, tearing up to each for a reunion.
Obviously their surprise and my misbraking was entirely playful.

I also recalled the route to my regular pub, ok it's only 3 doors away, but still I dragged them in.
I also went crazy when I heard a familiar voice, the humans we very impressed.
My reaction involved levitational barking followed by running on the spot to get to whoever asap.
Our poor dog nervous friend almost had a heart attack but I needed to lick his face bol.

So there you have it, you can take a hound all over Europe for a year but you can't wipe their memories of home!

Being a travelling hound I was fascinated by a local find I'd not visited before, the Meridian Line in Peacehaven, East Sussex. Not only does it claim to divide east and west but it dictates teatime (aka 16.00hrs).

So I took moment to ponder the line, time and my homeland in the west. I read the informative sign and have some facts from it. Here we go... and remember pals, snack time is directly related to this!

There are 4 Meridians that run through Greenwich from the North Pole to South. In 1851 an astronomer called Sir George Airy founded the Airy Line which is now the basis of international time (from now on known as the Teatime Line)

Anyway, here I am on the line, standing in the west. The line marks zero degrees longitude. Interestingly practical British mapping is done by a different line 5.79m to west. Does that mean my bowl position is out of sync with time? One for you quantam hounds.

Many of you may live on this line. It enters the UK just north of Withernsea, N Yorks, and heads south over the Humber. Passing east of Cleethorpes, west of Cambridge, through Walthamstow, Greenwich and Peacehaven. It then travels through France, Spain and Africa before reaching the South Pole.

Next time you're tucking into your kibble on time think of Sir Airy, I will be.... and maybe moving my bowl!

See you in Bamburgh pals. Dozza x