News from Doris
- The Roving Reporter
- May 2019

Hey pals,
It's springtime in the UK so I am home and enjoying my home town of Brighton.
I need to recharge my lurcher batteries after a couple of months away and am catching up with friends.
Fellow Team South lurcher Teddy met me for croissant procuring at Willow's.
Teddy is a master of under table stalking but even he couldn't snaffle a pastry.
Unnecessary diet rules aside I thoroughly enjoyed our morning and all four of us had a mooch around the obligatory sniff spots.

Another pointy nose friend of mine is Tilly and I got her on the dog and bone for a bimble.
She suggested our favourite stretch called Green Ridge, it borders the South Downs it's a glorious place to spend an hour.
Last time we went the local grazing sheep were there hindering our rolling but this time we had the field to ourselves (and naturally it still smelt of sheep so was ideal for a roll).
We met a friendly, albeit squeally, Beagle and a fantastically jolly terrier.
We ran, mooched, rolled and Tilly did some general lying around. It was smashing to met up.

This weekend I may go on an adventure, but then I may just stay at home.... I a lucky and happy either way.

Doris the 'happy whatever she's doing' lurcher