News from Doris
- The Roving Reporter
- July 2018

Greetings my roving pals. 
I've not travelled particularly far this month but my local jaunts up the coast started a conversation with my hound pals about how we travel in the car.

There are several positions, of varying comfort it seems! It started when we took a short drive to the local charity shop with a tv. 
Because of it's size (and my friend Teddy the cocker being in the front), I was unceremoniously bundled in the boot. Yes, the boot, a part of the car I'd not seen before. Okay it was a 5 min journey but there was a distinct lack of soft furnishings in said boot.
Elaine knew I was absolutely fine but that didn't stop me vocalising my disgust whilst Teddy chuckled in comfort.
So I asked my pals how they travelled, some have harnesses, like my usual back seat position, others hammocks. A lot had estate cars and bedding and some have sensible built in cages.

The overriding fact though, which made me laugh, was the attention to comfort! Safety, obviously, was paramount but you should have seen the blankets and mattresses some had. Whole cars bought and converted just for a dog, memory foam and fleece linings. I loved it all.
I showed my findings to Elaine who smiled and said I didn't have to go in the boot again and I could get a fancy leopard print hammock for the back seat. Bingo.

So next time you buckle up pals, think of all the others dogs travelling around at the same time in a curious array of set ups.
Beds on wheels pals, beds on wheels.

Doz, firmly not in the boot.