News from Doris
- The Roving Reporter
- November 2018

Greetings my roving pals.

So there I was snoozing on the sofa as usual and the humans asked whether I'd like a day trip... er, of course! We looked at the map and thought, Middleton on Sea, that sounds like a nice place to visit. An hours drive and with a beach, hurrah, pack the thermos flask. What we didn't realise, until we arrived, is that it's mainly residential and finding the beach and somewhere to park is almost impossible.
A total disappointment for a non resident but it does have an upside, it is close to Bognor. Yes, Bognor Regis, home of the best Butlins and memories of 1970s holidays (hers, obviously not mine).

Bognor is quite long, with a splendid promenade. It's easy to park and has a smattering of cafes and chippies. A couple of pubs, one called the Waverley at the western end is our favourite. It has a lovely terrace and is very doggy friendly, you always get fuss from the staff.

There is a small pier and bits and bobs for the kids. It's all rather nice in a British seaside way. Lunch was battered sausage and chips, which I have to say is always a winner, and pudding was an ice cream. All we needed was the Red Arrows to fly past and it would have been a perfect Bognor day out!

It's funny isn't it pals, just the simplest things make the best day out, like sun and chips. Us hounds don't need anything complicated and by the faces of all the kids I met, they didn't either (although maybe less seagulls nicking their candyfloss would help bol)

So next time your owners ask if you want to go for a daytrip bark yes, yes, and grab your travel rug!