News from Doris
- The Roving Reporter
- March 2019

Hi Pals,

This month’s column is a bit different to my usual adventures.

I asked Tigger a favour if I could write a small piece about my beloved Derek who died at Christmas, he was 80. 
Obviously this was for selfish reasons to mention my friend but I hope you'll understand....

You know when the humans bang on about heart dogs, well I think every now and then us dogs find heart humans.

Derek was mine. He was a family friend who knew and walked me from a rescue pup and I adored him.
I would scream (literary) when I saw him and whine when I knew he was on the phone.

When younger Derek was a brilliant ice hockey skater and the last time he skated was with Elaine at 75. He was still very good!

He used to take me for walks but often we'd just go to the café for sausages (a secret to this day).

So pals, next time you feel a buzz of love for a non family member, it could be your extra heart human.

Love you Derek,
Doris x