News from Doris
- The Roving Reporter
- December 2018

Hello my intrepid pals,
this month I've mostly been in the Isle of Wight. Those who know me will remember me visiting last year and recall my jaunt around the model village. Sadly it's shut in winter, but I gazed in wonder through the gates nevertheless.

So what was a lurcher about the island to do? Well unfortunately it rained heavily, and I mean heavily, so a lot of time was spent in pubs. Again, those who know me will laugh and ask 'what's new?'.... I do like a pub. Anyway thankfully the Isle of Wight has many pubs, cafes and restaurants and I've not found one yet that doesn't let dogs in (apart from the Indian). I've been to around ten different ones this visit, several restaurants and two hotels. Shops too are extremely friendly but you have to watch your tail knocking things over...

I also took a trip to the Garlic Farm. You wouldn't believe how interesting a place could be centred around the humble bulb. An education centre, café and shop entertained us (and half the island, it seems). It was full of dogs, although I
suspect most were biding their time before the garden and squirrel feeding station.
Talking of the red fluffy tailed fiends, we saw three this year so very pleased with ourselves. Elaine also claims to have seen some sort of eagle but she was riding her bike at the time so could have been a fly in her face. Honestly humans don't half exaggerate.

It has to be said my favourite thing this visit was the chain ferry in Cowes. Yep pals, this boat is attached to a chain and it clunks backwards and
forwards across the river. Not for the faint hearted to noise! I loved it though and all the attention a hound got on it, nothing like the shuddering of mechanics to make humans need to cuddle you.....

From the Island, Doz x