News from Doris
- The Roving Reporter
- February 2019

Bonjour my lovelies and a Happy New Year to you all.

Something to do with January being a bit gloomy (I like it personally) meant a surprise trip to France. I'd only just waved off the French contingent of the family after Christmas and here I was back at their house in Montpellier. Bonbon, I'm a lucky hound.

Friends will know that I have been here a few times and I was very pleased to see the motorhome stop in Palavas les Flots, it's fab. Right on the marina and backed by the first lakes of the Camargue (full of chattering flamingos, as noisy as my seagulls!), it's a popular spot. It's been cold, and in fact one day the marina was frozen over, but the days are sunny.

So leaving our motorhome safely we could enjoy Montpellier. I rode on a tram, sniffed around a market and promenaded through the old town. The tram was exciting and everyone smiled to see me bedecked in my Lilymoo bandana (when in France!) The market, however, was amazing. It was covered with a central café so we weren't sure whether I'd be allowed in. No worries though as the fishmonger happily laughed at me (common in France) and waved us in. What a nose and visual sensation it was, full of squid and cheese and sausages, I almost passed out from excitement. A large slice of brie later and I was manhandled out to walk to the cathedral on the other side of town, via a biere stop naturally.

The medieval town is very cobbled, a little hilly and very confusing. A hound could easily get lost (especially one with it's nose on every cobblestone like moi) It's quite incredible though and a photographers delight I'm sure. Heading home that day I was quite exhausted, a little more cheese and then bed.... yours getting-fat-on-cheese Doris x