News from Doris
- The Roving Reporter
- April 2019

Hello from Andorra!

Well pals, this is the 8th country I've visited and, obviously, the smallest.
It's a principality of a mere 180 square miles and ranks 16th smallest in the world. It has 77,000 inhabitants and it seems all of them like loud music and big exhausts on their cars!
They also have a lot of dogs and a lot of dog poo, obviously poop a scooping isn't a thing here.
Nevertheless it's very scenic and the people very lovely. I've been in bars, up ski lifts and generally been welcomed everywhere.

Yes, I mentioned ski lifts! Gosh it was exciting, the lift was an enclosed gondola and especially for dogs with a big dog sticker on it. I was very brave as you had to enter whilst the lift moved, the doors then shut and off you whooshed up the mountain. I think I gained 700m in a few minutes finding myself knee deep in fluffy white snow at the top.

I can highly recommend mountain tops pals, the air and the sunshine is tiptop and the attention us dogs get is off the scale (especially if one wears a jumper, bol)

As I'd point blank refused to wear my new snowboots I had to suffer being smothered in paw balm but it was worth the indignity.
My pads were protected and I was warm, able to run amok amongst the skiers....

Yours Doris, still running amok amongst the skiers x