News from Doris
- The Roving Reporter
- June 2019

Hey pals,
I hope everyone is having a super duper spring.

It's been glorious weather down here in Brighton and I've packed away my Lilymoo coats and pjs for the season.
This may or may not prove to be a hasty decision!

As you know I've taken a rest from travelling for a couple of months which means I have been able to go back to work.
I thrive when working, mainly due to the affection and adoration it grants me, but also for the cheese.
I am a staunchly proud NHS dog and visit an outpatients with a blood clinic, xray and physio.
The clinic has a café..... hence the cheese.
Lots and lots of patients visit and I stick my nose in everyone's bags much to their delight.

But you all know this... but did you know I also do street collection for Sussex Caring Pets?
Yes, I get pimped out for that too but as I am ridiculously spoilt I don't complain.
Elaine and I often stand out Tesco or on the street with a can (not shaking it of course as you're not allowed!)
Most people are really nice and laugh that I have a blanket to sit on, well of course I do, I am a hound of discerning comfort.
Naturally I usually fall asleep or lie back and offer my belly for rubs and occasionally I stand for older folk.

One old lady this weekend stood with me for 20 minutes massaging my back, it was sublime..... and she gave the charity a pound.
Win - win pals!

Next month Elaine tells me I am off to Wales for a mini break, I've not been there so am very excited.
She says the beaches are top notch so I shall report back.
After Woolacombe and Bamburgh last year my beachometer is calibrated high!

Have a lovely month pop pickers,
Doris the hard working hound x