News from Doris
- The Roving Reporter
- July 2019

Hi pals.
I haven't made it to Wales yet but Elaine promises we're going in June.

To alleviate my disappoint she took me on a couple of day trips, both areas I know well but always super to visit. The first was Seaford, eastwards from casa Doris. It's a small place but has a smashing long and flat promenade. Dogs and cyclists love it. There are several outdoor cafes and a museums for history loving humans, personally I prefer the beach.

My second day trip was to Worthing, westwards from casa Doris. This is a regular haunt of mine as it's so dog friendly, not obviously but if you know where to sniff it's great. The Rose and Crown pub even has a sign saying 'no dogs' but there's often five of us in there! The Marine View hotel bar on the front is my favourite though as it has a fire and carpets, Elaine likes the fairy lights too. Many cafes also let hounds and the Travelodge on the seafront. Travelodges are great aren't they pals?

I've found that them, Best Westerns and Premier Inns nearly always take us pooches in. Naturally there's often a charge which I find amusing as I am cleaner than most children *barks to self in amusement*

So now back to my packing for Wales. Coats, jumpers, pjs, scarves..... honestly it takes ages. I requested a new travel bed for the motorhome too. Elaine stupidly bought me a tiny one but I still wanted it, I squidged my whole fat bum in there! So next month I'll have a Wales story or too and watch out for Tigger's updates on my travels.

Doz, trying to find her travel towel, x