News from Doris
- The Roving Reporter
- May 2020

Hi pals, my last article saw me in the very lovely Holland before the whole Coronavirus pandemic. This was February and I was still away. I figured I'm keep with my tails of adventure as, let's face it, we're all a bit cooped up at the moment. (I hope you're all well)

Mid February I travelled to one of my favourite countries, Germany. Das English Hund bloomin' loves it there because the Germans are even more doggy friendly than the Dutch. I can literally go anywhere with an accommodating German person often finding me a blanket or pillow at the least. We'd entered the country from the west and planned to visit the Rhine, this we did but thanks to several more storms (remember those?) the Rhine was flooded. We ended up in a non tourist town called Urmitz with a fabulous motorhome car park right on the river. The view was amazing, albeit the water a little muddy looking. The local, traditional, restaurant let us in much to everyone's delight and we enjoyed many a schnitzel! 

A few days there and then we tootled south to Ladenburg so we could visit the famous Heidelburg. Both towns were stunning with castles and rivers and timber houses. Elaine was a bit disappointed with Heidelburg due to the amount of selfie taking tourists but that's where we're lucky, our van takes us off the beaten track.

Because of the cold weather we decided to head south and leave Germany but not before one more stop and possibly the best German town we've been to, Gengenbach. It's a small town on the edge of the Black Forest and although it has a main road being extended right next to it, it's chocolate box perfect. Winding streets of multicoloured timber houses, cobbled roads and alleyways, churches and a river. We've seen a lot of medieval towns in Germany but Gengenbach is something else. We stayed for three days on the edge of town which by total chance meant we saw a local festival. The whole town dressed up with brooms to awaken a thief from the library tower. The thief was then led to the Town Hall to be told off, fires lit and everyone drank lots of beer! Well that's what we 'kind' of understood but who cares because it was hugely entertaining and a carnival atmosphere. A great end to another German adventure.

Onto to France next time for brie and baguettes....
Doris 'now in lockdown' the traveller x