News from Doris
- The Roving Reporter
- January 2020

Hi Pals,
Last month I went to the Isle of Wight. Now friends of mine will know that I go regularly to the lovely dog friendly island as it's very close to me. This time we just took the van for a week and thankfully we did as it rained every day. Honestly we got soaked so much, thank dog for my Lilymoo anorak! Anyway we stayed in Cowes, always good in winter as there are many dog friendly pubs. Indeed the restaurants are also congenial offering doggy snacks and bowls.

Being old I now take my own bed to such establishments so you can imagine the mirth it created!

Over the week we explored our usual haunts, Ventnor for the beach and coastal bar and Sandown for the beach.

Ventnor was hilariously full of very drunk locals as it was Nouveau Beaujolais day (as us Brits say). Apparently locals sail over tout suite in their yachts and bring the new wine home and remain sozzled all day. It was a tres jolie atmosphere as everyone was wearing stripy tops and berets!

The garlic farm is always a must too as the café and shop are doggy friendly and smell quite splendid. I mooch around for as long as I can sticking my head in every basket. Elaine spends most of the visit apologising. Red Squirrels can often be seen outside too which is a human pleaser.

This time we also went to Yarmouth for the first time. Gosh it's very lovely. Imagine if a small Hereford village were by the sea, that's Yarmouth.

Henry VIII frequented the village and built a mini castle/gun turret there. One of the pubs has a beautiful garden that backs onto the beach and there's a timber Victorian Pier. Being the longest timber pier in the country dogs are not allowed along it. But no worry, it's a straight there and back and no amusements!

So that was my short, but sweet and soggy, week away.

Soon it'll be Christmas and New Year pals.... until 2020 my lovelies. Dozpot x