News from Doris
- The Roving Reporter
- December 2019

Hello pals,
I hope everyone survived the fireworks season without too much panting. Luckily all was pretty quiet in Brighton, mainly due to rain, so I was fine. I had my K9 Organics calming spray on just in case!

So this month I've been to a garden centre. Now I know to humans this is not overly exciting but to me it's almost as incredible as Robert Dyas (my out and out favourite shop).

The garden centre in question was Paradise Park, Newhaven. It's huge and is, indeed, paradise for a sniffing nosey hound. It even has a dog friendly café!

As you enter you are allowed to wag your tail through the closely aligned crockery section, obviously never knocking anything over. Then, passing through soft cushions, you reach the pet shop. Oh my, I am sure they place the pigs ears at the front on purpose. Elaine says I am not allowed those as being vegetarian there is a limit to the meat products she can cope with, selfish I say!

Beyond the pet shop is the mahoosive outdoor plant warehouse. Now I may be off nose but I am sure that boy dogs have been weeing up the beds, of course us lady dogs don't do that. And what's perfect after a mooch around the plants, yep a cheese sandwich in the café, honestly it's one of the best days out I've had for ages.

Next month I'm off the my favourite local holiday of the Isle of Wight. I shall let you know how I go pals. Toot toot til then, and watch out for garden centre entrances!

Doz the gardener x