News from Doris
- The Roving Reporter
- June 2020

Hi pals,
well we're in week 9 or 10 of lockdown I think (I lose count) and it's funny writing this as my actual lockdown started in Spain. I say lockdown, but it was more like a mad dash home which we were allowed to do as long as the motorhome was pointing towards the Channel Tunnel!

We'd been in Germany and were heading south to Montpellier for the usual family visit, then to Spain before Andorra. All very exciting but it didn't happen. We were in a coastal town called Roses when it all started and within 48 hours the bars and shops had shut and there were police patrolling the streets. Panic buying cleared the supermarket and we were not allowed outside the parking lot. What became 'the normal' was a weird and scary world back then. A Spanish friend warned us of the border closures so that was it, we were heading home pronto!

Normally we pootle back home but as France was locking down quite heavily we drove back as quick as possible. Aires were closed as were campsites so one night in a car park and straight to the tunnel. It was so busy, the pet reception full of motorhomes and dogs all sleeping overnight til pet passports were stamped and travel allowed. It took a phone call to DEFRA by the reception lady to clear us early! (I felt very important)

So that was back in March, doesn't it feel a lifetime past? When my neighbours complain of how hard the lockdown here has been, I think of my friends and family in Europe. ... their lockdown was hard, much harder than ours. The most important thing in all of this, of course, is our health. My family are all well, thankfully, but we know of people who aren't. Elaine is an NHS volunteer, we know some of our twitter friends are paramedics and we have a friend who's a doctor. So please stay safe pals, and keep up those home-based shenanigans!

Dreaming of travels,
Doz x

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