News from Doris
- The Roving Reporter
- August 2020

Hey pals.
Well I don't know about you guys but I've not been up to much! It's all rather slow down on the south coast and bar from a potter around the block I'm not going anyway at the moment. So I thought I'd look at my old photos and see where I was in 2017 whilst on my big travel. It turns out that three years ago I was in Vichy, France. I remember this trip well as it was one of those towns that we stopped at for sleepover necessity and ended up loving it. A beautiful river with bars and restaurants, leafy squares and little bistros and, of course, the water. The Victorian water spas were stunning and free, although not dog friendly! 

It's funny now when you think back to such 'free' times.
Walking around, sitting and drinking where ever and no face masks or social distancing. It seems a world away from what we have now. I imagine that towns like Vichy, and many in the UK, are really suffering from lack of visitors. Here in Brighton we don't tend to be as quiet as it's been sadly busy all through lockdown (bar maybe 4 weeks in April). 

From Vichy we drove north and stayed in Paris for a week to meet family. The campsite was as close to the centre of Paris as you can park and we've seen it on the news during the lockdown. When we were there it was understandably rammed with campers, now it's like a ghost park. The owners were bemoaning the lack of visitors due to Covid-19 restrictions. Again echoed here I'm sure. It's a very strange world we're in right now pals.
Keep safe and keep snoozing
Doris x

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