News from Doris
- The Roving Reporter
- September 2020

Hey pals.
how's everyone been in the heat? Gosh it's hot eh, lots of none-walks and time lying underneath wet towels. I was, obviously, fine but of course the humans panicked uncontrollably all week watching my breathing. A few times I slept particularly heavily and they really lost the plot, silly humans. Anyway, it meant a week or so of lockdown for me so I didn't do much. Luckily, for a travelling hound, I'd been away the previous week. Where to I hear you ask, Andorra, France, Switzerland? Nope Brighton, yes Brighton, where I live! Due to 'having to try out a new awning' we went on a motorhome holiday 2 miles up the road. Honestly, what was all that about? Needless to say I approached our 'holiday' with the full excitement and gusto of an out of town visit. I packed my bed and bowl and settled down for the 15min drive.

I have to say though, Brighton caravan site is rather nice, and on the edge of town so felt like a break. The countryside was full of squeaky animals rather than seagulls and there were no bangings of bin lorries. The campsite owner had a good chuckle when we answered 'have you been to Brighton before?' and our nosey caravan neighbours soon lost interest when we explained how we knew the area.

And so .....the awning erection began. Firstly, I needed to lie down and attempt to sleep on the laid-out tarpaulin only to be unceremoniously turfed off. This will routinely occur when the awning goes up and down. Next, I got myself tied up on my 'dog rope' at a suitably tricky time for Elaine to untie me. This, naturally was followed by nose whining and eventually barking. It's the law.

After the awning was successfully built (ie pumped up), I either refused to sit inside (or outside) depending on temperature and what's going on with the caravan next door. Happy days.

I'll let you know how my management skills play out next time when I go on proper holibobs (hopefully outside Brighton)

Dozza the useful awning putterupper x

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