News from Doris - The Roving Reporter
- October 2020

I went on holiday pals,
yes a holiday, that strange traveling type thing we all used to do before Covid! It wasn't far, obviously, but did involve a new island I'd not been too.... Hayling Island! This spit of bridge linked land is near Portsmouth just up the coast from me and is rather lovely. A haven for kite surfers, dogs, boaters and anyone who liked holidaying in the 1970s. Well, that's rather harsh but it did feel like going back in time and we loved it, 6 days felt like 3 weeks. 

As per my usual UK vacations there was an obligatory storm, Storm Whatnot raged through the campsite for 2 days and caused considerable havoc. Our new awning, which we'd stupidly inflated, survived but flapped and rattled worryingly in 50mph winds. First world problems over and the sun came out, albeit for 5 mins.

Bar from mooching around near the seafront and campsite, there was little to do which suited me. The site was on an estuary creek and during low tide it was super fun to sniff about the edges. One day we ventured further and took a day trip in the torrential rain to Poole to enjoy the grey harbour vista. This, however, was a holiday and we were going to enjoy ourselves! 

Hayling Island has a wonderful long pebble beach with mini sand dunes in places. There are masses of parking spots but on one road in so it gets congested. It is great though, every pub was doggy friendly and several had really good seafood (I can vouch for the mussels in the Olive!) I can highly recommend if you're in the area. 

I wonder where I'll be visiting next?

With local lockdowns increasing I imagine by the time you read this we'll all be shut away nationally.... must bagsy the sofa.

Doris x

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