News from Doris - The Roving Reporter
- November 2020

Hey pals.
Eat, sleep, repeat... sound familiar pals?! We're not even in a high tier down here in Brighton (as yet) and I still feel it's all a bit repetitive. Having said that, life in Brighton is actually pretty normal, you wouldn't know there was a health issue if it weren't for the masks. I have many friends up north though and it's a very different situation. 

I'm getting older, I'm 11 this month, so a slower pace suits me. I can only run with my friends once a week and spend the rest of my walks sniffing around the block. I LOVE sniffing round the block! There's one particular road with big houses and lots of resident cockapoos.... I sniff the gate posts, Elaine noses through the windows. It's a win win!

I did manage a little jaunt to Seaford though. I met Grandpops, which is always good as it involves sandwiches and cakes, and we thought we'd scale Seaford Head. I say scale because to an 11 year old lurcher and her Grandpops it's like Everest! It's a dramatic white chalk cliff that rises to over 300ft with stunning views of the Seven Sisters. As many of you know, Elaine has silly vertigo so we always walk well inland (she often scuttles so far in she might as well be on the neighbouring golf course) It's definitely safer for everyone away from the edge anyway as it's very crumbly and people fall when they don't mean to. It is beautiful and sadly dangerous. We took our time and sat regularly and what a super walk it was, and of course, what goes up must come down.... at excitable lurcher pace! Well there was cake to be had afterwards.... 

Right, I need to snooze now. I'll be thinking of all my friends, animal and human that are having hard times in lockdown. Keep looking at silly dog photos online to cheer yourselves up.
Doris the old and intrepid mountain climber x

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