News from Doris - The Roving Reporter
- December 2020

Hey pals,
How are we all after the dreaded fireworks in November?

Reading my friends twitter feeds it seems that some of you had to suffer the noise for many weeks. Here in Brighton celebrations have always been very condensed into a few days, which is lucky for me!
As we live near the beach we get a lot set off close but this year, as usual, just for a few days. I hid in the bedroom for most of it, Elaine had sprayed my cuddly caterpillar with calming spray so I was suitably tranquil. Diwali was obviously after Guy Fawkes night, but sadly I think that the rain and storms stopped any celebrations. And Covid, of course, stopped any inside!
So as I write we're half way through the second lockdown and it's all quite dull.
We're behaving so I am missing my grandpops and all the friends that usually visit.
I manage a sniff up the road to the pet shop though... as exciting as it gets!

Hopefully by the time you read this it'll full on til Christmas.
I bloomin love Christmas! Elaine has already ordered some extra outdoor lights to cheer us up. Several gardens on the road have already decorated their gardens (in November) so we're joining in! 

Being indoors a lot I've helped with the cooking and baking. I'm particularily partial to anything made with butter. Rather annoyingly I'm not allowed most of it though.

It appears that reaching the grand age of 11 means a diet.... who knew?! I need to get some hemp down my chops pals so that I can run off some calories. And I think Elaine needs to do the same bol.
Anyway, until next time amigos..
Doris in boring old lockdown x

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