News from Doris - The Roving Reporter
- January 2021

Hey my lockdown pals... bar you lucky lot in Cornwall and the Isle of Wight!
I hope everyone is having a super Christmas and New Year regardless of restrictions. And, more importantly, I hope everyone is well. 

I've been on a mini break this month... yep, you heard it correctly my friends, a mini break! Remember those heady days and nights away enjoying the sand in your paws? Well, I went to Littlehampton, bol. We needed to 'run' the motorhome (that strange human obsession with keeping engines ticking over) so we popped 20 miles down the coast. Littlehampton is a small town that sits west of Brighton on the River Arun, and, of course, the sea. It's a nice little place with boats, a pebble beach and a smattering of dog friendly cafes and pubs.
Obviously many of these were shut due to the Covid restrictions but a couple were open for a questionably substantial meal. It was a very pleasant 2 days that reminded us of fun times and how we can still get out and about, just differently.

Lock down back in Brighton is quite slight really I suppose. We're in Tier 2 so a lot of stuff is open. Our local is still closed which is sad, but mainly it's back to normal as long as you eat and don't mix with your family! The roads are busy again and the shops all bustling. Having said that a lot have closed down too, we're supporting our local ones at Christmas... especially the beloved pet shop! 

Well see you 2021 my lovelies, take care and paws crossed for a good year eh?

Doz at home for Christmas x

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