News from Doris - The Roving Reporter
- February 2021

Hey pals,
I imagine that like anyone it's becoming increasingly harder to interestingly answer 'so what have you been up to?
Er snoozing whilst it rains, snoozing whilst next door's kids scream and shout, snoozing whilst Elaine paints another wall..... honestly friends this lockdown is getting boring!
But, it's very important and we all need to do our bit. Elaine is an NHS volunteer, like many of my friends out there, and she's often reminding us of the need to stay in as much as we can. 

I miss being a therapy dog, remember those days when I used to visit the hospital, seems like a long time ago now?
I've never been able to return because of insurance and social distancing. I always thing how many people would need a dog lean even more now.
I think I might just have to put on my therapy uniform and sit on the pavement.... as long as those naughty children from next door don't want to pet me haha!

So some of my twitter friends have had snow, including Tigger. I've been so jealous looking at all the winter scenes and dogs running around in the white, fluffy magic.
I love snow but we've only had rain down in Brighton. Rain and wind as per normal. I think snow gives off more sublime sniffs, and that is very important for an old (bored) dog.
Sniffing round the block would be elevated to giddy heights, and don't even mention the rolling. Not that I can roll well anymore due to my 11 year old frame. It's all getting a bit stiff. 

Any way I'm off now to dream of adventures, running in the hills, charging about a ski slope and stealing cheese from next door.
Sweet dreams my lovelies until next month in lockdown.
Doz the intrepid x

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