News from Doris - The Roving Reporter
- March 2021

Hey pals,
Hey pals,
I've been in my super spoilt home a whole 11 years now, time goes so quickly!

Elaine still remembers that day she picked me up from the rescue centre and popped me in the car. I've been stuck to her side ever since!

So, eleven years rescued means I'm an old girl now, in fact 11 years, 4 months. And with that comes all those creaks and limps.
I have a little arthritis in my back according to the vet but no need to go on proper medication yet. I've tried all the usual tablets you can buy, especially the famous one beginning with Y that everyone tries.
Sadly it did nothing for me so Elaine tried making me some golden paste a few months ago for a trial.
You know what pals, it's helped a bit and I have a tiny amount in each meal and some glucosamine tablets, doggy ones of course.
Whatever helps your creaky bones, keep on taking it my lovelies, we'll all need to be supple when lockdown finally ends and we can explore.

Doz, the slightly more flexible x

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