News from Doris - The Roving Reporter
- April 2021

Hi pals,
Well the turmeric paste has been working very well for my achy bones but the time came for medicine this week.
I'd been out with my young Labrador friend and had far too much fun charging about.
As a result I was so creaky the next day Elaine took me to the vets. Luckily I quite like my vet, it's attention for me afterall!
I trotted in quite happily leaving a very unsettled Elaine outside and thoroughly enjoyed the attention.
I'm now on some sort of metacam for a month hopefully to be changed to a weaker drug.
I have arthritis in my hips which for an 11 year old pooch is perfectly normal I suppose.
So medicine, turmeric and sardines it is for me!

I'm hoping that I'll be like a puppy just in time for the lockdown to lift.
Can you imagine, freedom and fully working hips.... the world will be my lobster!
We'll be firing up the motorhome as soon as we can and getting down to Devon or somewhere.
Fortunately, as we live in a seaside town, it's not desperate for us to get away.
We're very lucky. 

Apart from my vet trip I've done very little this month, things really are slow and dull.
I had a mooch down to the old west pier in Brighton and paddled in the sea but little else.
Elaine has been busy helping out at a vaccine centre.
She's been an NHS volunteer for years so often gets called up for things, apparently this job is particularly important!
The centre has been crazy busy with lots of happy people, everyone is so pleased to be out and getting their jabs.
I can't say I'm as excited when I get my doggy vaccinations... humans are a strange bunch!

Doris the spaced out on metacam lurcher x

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