News from Doris - The Roving Reporter
- May 2021

Hey pals,
lockdown is slowly lifting and I've been on mini adventures. Well, if you count a bimble on Seaford seafront as an adventure! Although I do love Seaford, it's quite untouched for a seaside town and has a super promenade to jazz step along. Talking of jazz steps, my Metacam has nicely kicked in (pardon the pun) and my hips are a little better. So much so I've been chasing the crows and seagulls again bol. I never get close, but I give them a good old woof, to be honest I'm secretly scared of the seagulls as they're big and feisty!

Anyway, I digress, my arthritis is better but I'm still trying the odd 'joint' treat alongside my normal ones and Elaine is still making golden paste. I'm particularly partial to True Hemp treats for Hip + Joint..... naturally as they're quite expensive. The treats are mainly chicken but also contain hemp seed and leaf as well as turmeric and they make me quite dizzy with excitement! As they're pricey I'm only allowed the odd one for my pudding of an evening, but they definitely help. I've also been using the Beaphar Joint Paste and Glucosamine Easy Treats. I've been really fussy with glucosamine treats over the last year and these are the only ones Elaine can get me to eat. I don't have them every day but maybe three times a week on top of my food. I have more supplements than my humans!

So by the next time I paw my article we should be almost out of lockdown, can you imagine pals?! We'll be going over to the motorhome to make sure the engine still works and I'll be packing my pyjamas.  
In the meantime everyone keep safe and if anyone knows of some great 'joint' treats just let Tigger know for me.
Love ya,
Doz the flexible.

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