News from Doris - The Roving Reporter
- June 2021

Hey pals.
Last week, for the first time in over 6 months, I stayed outside our house. Yes, I went on holibobs! Just four nights and only just up the coast to Hayling Island but it was amazing. It was a weird sensation at first, we've obviously not even visited friends or family during the lockdown so driving off down the A27 felt like a huge adventure. I think we all needed it too, we're lucky to have the beach over the road and a garden but we still wanted to be elsewhere for a while. Four nights felt like two weeks! 

Of course it rained, but the sun also shone and we managed to spend a lovely couple of evenings in a pub garden. I took my bed a snoozed happily in the sunshine whilst the humans gleefully drank their pints. Small pleasures seem so monumental at the moment don't they. Elaine has spent the last five months volunteering at the local vaccination centre and she was so pleased to be out and about, apparently feeling more 'normal'. It's been a strange few months for her, from working through the extreme lock downs of last year to being at the start of the vaccination scheme. I miss her when she goes but she always smells interesting when she returns!

Anyway bank to impawtant issues, such as me and my holibobs. We stayed near an estuary which had loads and loads of birds but no squirrels or rabbits. I discovered that swans are very large up close and super friendly if you give them space and a calm sideways glance. Coots, on the other paw, are angry and noisy! They appear to spend their days charging about at speed making silly sounds. Entertaining but not good for snoozing hounds. Still, a few days away with noisy coots is better than nothing! Enjoy the lockdown easing my friends and let's hope it's permanent eh.

Dozza x

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