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- August 2021

Hello from hot Hunstanton in Norfolk, phew it's 29 degrees so I am having an enforced quiet day. I'm on a short adventure to visit family and we're staying on a super fun, all singing, all dancing site (literally!) I think everyone has a dog here, Cocker Spaniels appear to be the hound of choice with Labradors a close second. Guess what I saw yesterday though, a hare, yep an actual huge hare right next to the van. I think he'd got Hunstanton confused with the countryside!

So yesterday, before it got too hot, we went to Sandringham. The Queen's estate is very beautiful, tree lined and shady, it's the perfect place for a walk and a picnic. And it was the perfect place for me to try out my new doggy stroller, yep, it's happened! Elaine never thought she'd be one of those crazy dog people that pops their dog in a pram, but specialised dog buggies are becoming very common. Our friends have a Doggyhut one but we plumped for a Veelar 2 in 1 stroller and bike trailer. It's a little squarer for a more solid shaped hound but both are very good for countryside walks.  

So it's first proper outing was the Queen's land, I bimbled for 20 mins then was unceremoniously shoved inside (I still need to work on my entering technique!) I was pushed around the park for the next hour before being wheeled to a picnic stop where I refused to leave my chariot. I was far too comfy and had the perfect elevated position for scotch egg watching. We were out for a really enjoyable 3 hours, pre dog stroller I would never have managed to keep up, let alone enjoy the day..... I think the crazy dog people are onto something.

So, the moral of this story pals, is never say never to a dog stroller!

Doz happily on wheels x

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