News from Doris - The Roving Reporter
- October 2021

Toot toot pals,
I'm roving on the Isle of Wight, another staycation for me! This time the family and I are on a sort of mixture holiday. Campsites sandwiched around the music festival (which I will not be attending as I have a smashing dog sitter to pamper me) I'm currently snoozing in my awning in Thorness Bay on the north west side of the island. It's so busy here, it's all we could get but it'll do. It's a bit run down but has a nice clubhouse and dog friendly beer garden. There's direct beach access should you be more energetic than me and a pool to keep herself happy. We're here for 3 nights before the festival then back to our beloved Cowes for another 3 nights.

Thorness Bay is a large area of special importance and is protected. Apparently wildlife and birds nest here but we only saw ducks! It is September though so maybe everything has mooched off. Back home in Brighton and things are still busy. Last weekend was the Brighton Marathon, the first big event we've seen there since Covid started. It was a wonderful atmosphere, people cheering and banging drums. Lots of dogs too, especially cockapoos!
Cockapoos do love getting out and about with their families eh?! Here on the site is a real mix, predominantly collie dogs but I did spot a glorious black saluki who takes the handsomest dog prize.... after me of course.
Doz next to a nature reserve x

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