News from Doris - The Roving Reporter
- November 2021

Hey pals,
It's been a sad week for me in Dorisville, two of my long-term doggy friends bimbled over the rainbow bridge. Both were twelve, my age, and both I'd had many fun and bonkers walks with for many years. Teddy, the Bedlington Whippet Lurcher, was a regular mooch companion.

Over the years he showed me the countryside of the South Downs, horse paddocks, windmills and ponds. We sat many a time (usually waiting for sausage treats) pondering the views and the weather. He knew all about the trees and, of course, all the best spots to roll in badger poo!

Not a walk passed with Teddy when I didn't have to be bathed afterwards..... what a pal. 
Nelson was the opposite, more of a city dweller pal. He was a Miniature Bull Terrier and had absolutely no recall.... he was a card! We always had to walk somewhere safely fenced in as he'd just run off in whatever direction his oversized nose was pointing in. However much his owner tried to train him, he totally ignored her. His joie de vivre was infectious and everyone loved him, even when he collided with their shins! He was a solid boy. 

I loved both my friends, whenever Elaine said their name I'd jump up, ears alert, looking for them. It won't be the same without them and I'm glad I found them both when I was young. Run free and wild my friends,
Dozza x

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