Product review: - Doris on Pharmaquin
- Repawter: Doris

As you know pals, I have a little arthritis in my hips. Haven't we all eh?!
I'm on mild medication and I'm always on the lookout for supplements (well Elaine is!) I'm, allegedly, very fussy and often refuse my food with added supplements. So, the latest we've tried is PharmaQuin, a doggy Glucosamine with Chondroitin.

I have to take a mini scoop in my food everyday and I am eating it.... yes it's being taken without the need of cheese bribes.

I've been taking it for around 6 weeks now and I'm beginning to feel the benefits, I'm a little less creaky and it's definitely helping with my proper medication. I'll be buying it again with my bone money so worth a try for the fussier hound.
A less creaky  Doz x

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