News from Doris
- The Roving Reporter
- August 2017

Hi, I'm Doris a seven year old lurcher from Brighton.
A few months ago one of my humans was made redundant leading to many family meetings (all of which I attended).
Between the three of us we decided to take the chance to travel and set about buying a motorhome.
Here I am three months on the road and 1500 miles later! From the Isle of Wight, to Kent and then France via the Channel Tunnel.
What fun. We drove down through the beautiful French countryside to Spain's Costa Brava eating a lot of cheese along the journey.
The weather has been glorious all the way and everyone so friendly.
The British always love a lurcher, well in fact any dog. The French, however, seemed to be bemused by me 'regarde le chien' was often shouted followed by giggles.
Thankfully the Spanish see me with more reverence being similar to their galgos.
We're presently in the Pyrenees seeking out some cool air. The mountains are stunning and the rivers cool.
I can see I'll love travelling for a long time.