News from Doris
- The Roving Reporter
- September 2017

My Roving report is coming to you this month from Paris, a city famous for it's art, architecture and gastronomy.
I anticipated big things from the city and it didn't disappoint (especially that street grill I managed to counter surf chicken from)

Our accommodation was a dog friendly rental flat in the heart of town.

It was particularly fun as being on the 4th floor it had a windy staircase suitable for high speed dashing.
The local bar, Le Boullion, allowed me in and I could highly recommend it's sausage and mash. Elaine liked the wine a lot.

Transport for a hound, however, is more tricky as a dog can ride the Metro 'as long as it can fit into a bag or basket'. Hmmm, nope. 
Taxis are also reluctant to take dogs so I was forced to promenade my way to the sights. 
That said I thoroughly enjoyed my sniff down to Notre-Dame and along the Seine.

Gothic splendour and fine edifices abound. Sadly the Eiffel Tower was too far for my paws but I can go to Blackpool when home and pretend....

Paris is busy, noisy and impressive. I'd say it's very dog friendly for a daschund and moderately  dog friendly for a lurcher.

It gets 5 paw bumps from me