News from Doris
- The Roving Reporter
- January 2018

Well Readers, you know me, I am an organised kind of hound. Always suitably attired with plenty of poo bags and I thought my humans were the same (until Switzerland). 

After 8 months of travelling you'd think they would have the basics but they let me down pals.

We drove south through Germany and thought it would be nice to spend a few days on the Swiss lakes.

On leaving Germany we tried to fill the motorhome with LPG and water but each time the pumps were broken.
No worries, they said, we'll still go. Off we tootled and passed through the Swiss border without hinderance (just a 40 euro fee) and found ourselves near Lac Neuchatel.
It wasn't very pretty really just a lot of concrete barriers and big roads.
Anyway following our camping app we drove to the motorhome stop only to find it full of boats. No worries, they said, we'll carry on.
So we did, still no water or LPG, onto the next.... and the next and the next.

Finally we found a safe carpark. Phew, I thought, but then Elaine realised they had no Swiss Francs to pay, there were no banks and everywhere was shut as it was sunday.

Honestly my humans are disorganised!

Nevertheless we had a lovely walk around the quiet, ie empty, village of Concise and went to bed.

Waking at 6am we found we were almost snowed in! Overnight a blizzard had started and we were surrounded by beautiful fluffy snow.
So, no money, water or gas plus half a foot of snow and I've never seen them move so fast.
We had to leave before it was too late, they exclaimed.
Our snow chains weren't needed but the all weather tyres were tested as for the next 5 hours we drove in thick snow at 20 miles an hour.

Honestly Readers, had the humans been more organised we might have spent a lovely week in Switzerland....