News from Doris
- The Roving Reporter
- February 2018

Well Readers here I am in Spain again.

Last time I was here, in June, you'll recall that I was ill from an insect bite. Alledgedly I'd eaten a critter whilst sticking my big snozz in grass but that was never substantiated.

This time I am fit and healthy and avoiding the pampas.
We're pitched up in a campsite in Benidorm for a week.

Readers it's enormous, 800 plots and not a single one free!

 There's a friendly mix of Dutch, Belgium and British vans all with their dogs.
Most have 2 so I'm like an only child.

Much to my delight my counterparts are generally running amok and making me appear well behaved.
(Although I must confess that following an altercation with a husky, my fault, the local bar now displays a no dogs sign. Whoops)

Anyway, the campsite dogs are mainly untethered and very barky. 
It's very different to a UK site and I like it A LOT. 

Having said that one annoying facility that Spanish and French sites have is a dog shower.

Yep you hear correctly pal, special purpose built duche de doggies.
I've witnessed first paw the humiliation of furry friends being hosed in broad daylight.
I myself have suffered public lathering on more than once occasion. It's a shocking site for any hound..... well except spaniels who seem to delight in the dousings!

So, my friend, I shall remain quiet and clean and hopefully under the wash radar until next time.