News from Doris
- The Roving Reporter
- April 2018

Hi Readers, it's been 12 months and 12,000 miles of Doris adventures.

I'm heading home to my big sofas, garden and local beach. I must say, I'm quite looking forward to it.
What an adventure I've had though, 7 countries, hundreds of beaches and many lurcher escapades.

But what have you learnt I hear you bark? Well, Germany and the Isle of Wight are the most dog friendly places. Northumberland and Portugal have the best beaches. Munich the best pizza and the UK the best pubs.
Of course the pressing question is, who has the best cheese? 
Now this is of grave importance to us hounds. I've scoffed a lot over the year and if I can't say cheddar then Spain has it. 
Yep, sorry France, Spain has some strong blue cheese and Manchego which I'm addicted to (administered in annoyingly tiny portions). 
Cheese aside, there's of course the people.

Everyone, bar three or four, have been utterly delightful. I especially love the no nonsense Germans who let dogs in everywhere! 
So it's been a blast and one I want to continue (apparently this may involve a lottery win but that's a mere detail)

Angleterre here I come!

Dozza x